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Grievance Redressal

 ‘Customer Care – The Oriental Tradition’

At Oriental, it is always ‘customer first’. We strictly follow the motto of being ‘Customer friendly- as an Oriental tradition’. However, practically an organisaion  cannot avoid facing grievances from its customers. During2064-65, the Document issuance ratio of our company stood at 98.4% and the Non-Suit Claim settlement ratio was at 80.02%. A commendable achievement indeed!

To take care of those customers, aggrieved by unjust or delayed decisions of our operating offices, our Company has a well laid down Grievance Procedure in place. All our Branches are instructed to handle grievances with great sympathy. The operating offices are required to re-look at their own decisions at the request of the customers. If a customer is aggrieved by the decisions or delay, he can approach the next higher office, which is the country  Office.t the BO  level, the officer in-charge is required to attend to customer grievances within a week of receipt of the grievances. Most of the grievances are sought to be redressed even when the matter is raised orally in person or over phone with the Officer In-charge of the BO/DO. In some cases, an immediate reply may not be possible, as our office might be awaiting a report from an external agency. While expeditious action is required on follow-up in those cases, our operating office are would provide the customer with an interim reply.

When the grievances are reported to Country Office/ Head Office, an acknowledgement for receipt of the grievance intimation is issued immediately on receipt of the grievance/ complaint intimation. Necessary details are collected from the BO within a fortnight. The Country office processes the information collected independently and makes an effort to addresses the customer’s grievance in a expeditious manner. Our Grievance handling machinery takes an independent and impartial look at the circumstances and conveys its decisions promptly to the aggrieved customers. At the request of customers, a personal hearing can also be arranged. There have been innumerable circumstances when our grievance handling machinery has won the appreciation of the customers for their promptness and logical replies.

However, the road does not end for a customer with our internal grievance machinery alone. Customers who are not convinced by the internal grievance handling of the Company have recourse to Insurance Regulator having jurisdiction over insurance related Grievances.. A formal complaint can be lodged with the Beema Samitti.

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