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Fire Insurance

Q.  What is the meaning of fire under fire policy.

Ans. The word Fire has got a special meaning under the Fire policy. To constitute fire under  fire under fire policy, there     should exist following three features:

     i. There should be actual ignition.
     ii. It should be fortuitous/accidental in nature.
     iii. The property destroyed or damaged should not be on  fire in general way.

Q. What does the Fire policy covers?

Ans. In Nepal, fire policy covers only fire and Lightening.

Q. Whether I can cover any other perils in addition to above.

Ans. In addition to above following perils can be covered by paying additional premium :
        a) Explosion/Implosion.
        b) Flood and Inundation.
        c )Storm, tempest, cyclone and hurricane.
        d )Riots, strike and Malicious Damages,Terrorism and Sabotage.
        e)Spontaneous Combustion.
        f) Subsidence and Landslide.
        g ) Earthquake fire and shock.
        h)Subterranean Fire.
        i )Aircraft Damage. 

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