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The OICL invites sealed offers separately for the Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for HP Gen 9 Servers, Fortinet Firewall, NAS Storage. The last date for submission of the Offer is 24-08-2018 by close of working hours.


  1. The Vendor should be a registered Company as per Local Law.
  2. Vendor with at least TWO years of service record for providing AMC services of Computers/ Network/Servers/NAS, and related peripherals required at Data center are only eligible for bidding.
  3. The Vendor must not have been blacklisted by any Government/ Ministry/Department/ PSU, nor should they have been debarred from dealing with any of the firm.
  4. The vendor Company with ISO certified (preferably 20000 or 27001) in IT Services, will be preferred FIRST.
  5. The company should provide the services onsite at OICL.
  6. Vendor should have a local office in Kathmandu, Nepal with necessary technical staff.
  7. The vendor should quote in Two BID offer system. 1. Technical BID 2. Financial Bid BOTH SEPERATELY.
    1. The Technical Bid should comprise of
      1. The company Profile.
      2. Previous/Current Experience of the Vendor in handling Data center equipment/Servers
      3. Copy of the Company Registration
      4. Copy of the Last two years Audited Financials
    2. The Financial Bid should comprise of
      1. The Offer for the AMC services to be provided.
  1. Monitoring all the hardware devices at Oriental DC including Networking of the DC.
  2. Any Changes and Configuration on any devices will be carried only by Vendor along with coordination and requirement of OICL.
  3. Vendor will co-ordinate only with the assigned contact persons for any task. OICL will provide at least 2 contact person for the same.
  4. Vendor will provide monthly report of the Devices.
  5. Vendor support staff will visit once a month for device regular checkup.
  6. List of Devices under the Scope of work are as below:
    1. HP Gen 9 Server: 2 Nos
    2. Fortinet Firewall: 1 Nos
    3. NAS Storage: 1 Nos
    4. Network devices connected to the Server RACK.
  7. Regular Inspection of Servers/Other Equipment as and when required and on visit.
  8. Providing appropriate recommendation and guidance to OICL’s staff for overall development and smooth functioning of OICL.
  9. Vendor should assist OICL in all aspects and improvement of the Server Environment / Configuration / Up gradation as and when required.
  10. Vendor should provide Call Escalation matrix for Support Call.


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